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Barbados celebrates 50 Years of nationhood, its Golden Jubilee on 30th November: STOP...the 2016 School Leavers from: RECRUITMENT-To-The- BLOCK. TEACH Them How-To-EXPORT, Barbadian Handmade, Hand-grown and Home-crafted Indigenous Products, and Barbados Is Magic Duty FREE Weddings Services.

The solution

JOBS can be realized by creating opportunities for the youth who are IT SAVVY with their Smart Phones and Tablets, being able to Register for a Simple Hands-on Internet, Home-to-Work Opportunity to learn in what way to SELL effectively and efficiently these Products/Services to make money at Home 2-4-6, (Two Weeks, 4 Hours a Day, and 6 Days a week) from the ambiance of their Homes.

The Coordinator/Instructor at HOME 246, has envisioned a BIG 50: ‘Golden Jubilee Idea no.25 of his 50 Ideas’ for these Youth...HOME-to-Work: Project: TEACH EXPORT, Starting with: JOBS-A-RAMA, online eCommerce: www.home246.comTIE-IN: YOUTH SUMMER HANGOUT ONLINE

This website is a Product of the Home-to-Work Idea.

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