Home-Epreneurs are innovative and creative people who work from their ‘homes’ to develop unique ‘ideas’ into products and/or services. Then, through the usage of the Internet as a technology working tool, and E-platform, Market, Advertise, and Promote – MAP their products/services online to make money @ home as Easy as 246.The Home-to-Work Internet Plan 2-4-6; Hands-on JOBS Program has been conceptualized, designed and engineered by Trevor Batson to enable young people, between 16 to 30 to make use of and develop opportunities available to them using the Internet, to secure a sustainable home-based job to become successful ‘Home-Epreneurs’. It will also harness their innovative, creative, technology skills and/or services to survive in these harsh global economic times.


Home Video MAP

The Home Video MAP™; and Global E-connect 246; 2+4+6 equal 12 months, every single month of the year, to the World E-Excellence Schools Tourism™: WEST, Tourism Internet Marketing Expo™: for Global Unique Explorers, Students and Teachers: GUEST, Barbados 24/6 to 24/7 and beyond. Introducing GUEST Summer Camp, allowing young Students and Teachers to experience our main Cultural Event: Kadooment. I-reimburse; a New Smart Way for guest to vacation in Barbados. And, most importantly, create, design and Host an Extraordinary E-commerce website: http://home246.com for trained young Home-Epreneurs™ including Stay-at-Home-Mums to ‘Sell Online’ their Home-made products and/or services, i.e. Tourism souvenirs, Memorabilia, Rent-A-Guest/Vacation Room, including the Caribbean Diaspora.

This innovative idea, will allow the Home-to-Work Internet Plan 2-4-6 Hands-on Program to develop the concept Home Opportunities Made Easy 24/6 – HOME246 – to create a home-based Global Network System using a distinctive Video Marketing, Advertising and the Promoting: VMAP™ of Technology usage at ‘HOME’